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Aug 23rd | 3

So this fall I’m going to visit Lehigh and sit-in on an engineering class (because I’m crazy and am going to apply to Lehigh for a third time but that’s irrelevant).

Can any Lehigh students possibly recommend me a class that would be a good idea to sit-in on? Or maybe a good professor that would be worth talking to?

I’m currently going into my second year as a mechanical engineer at Rutgers. I was thinking about sitting-in on a class that I have already taken here at RU, but I’d be open to sitting-in on a class that I know nothing about yet.

I would greatly appreciate ANY input/help whatsoever, even if you’re not an engineer at Lehigh! I would love to just talk to any other student as well. Can anyone please help me out?

  1. probablynotforever answered: Dr. Pessiki is great. Another one is professor Ozturk, who is MechE (I’m CivE) but explained everything clearly.
  2. thecolorupstream answered: Professor Webb’s Mechanics of Materials class, if he’s teaching it this fall. He’s the best in the department.
  3. songofyourself said: I’m not an engineer and idk if he’s mechE, but maybe Bill Best? He’s a widely regarded/loved professor on campus
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